Terms & Conditions

Bubble Bee offers exceptional residential & commercial cleaning services in Hillsborough NC, Chapel Hill NC, Durham NC, Efland NC, and Mebane NC. Our professional cleaning teams will keep your home or office looking beautifully clean.


Thank you for selecting BubbleBeeCleaning.com for your cleaning needs. By accessing our website or scheduling services through phone, email, text, or online, you’re agreeing to our terms and conditions outlined below.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We prioritize your contentment. If our cleaning doesn’t meet your expectations, inform us within 24 hours, and we’ll return to address your concerns and achieve your satisfaction.

Cleaning Team

Our skilled cleaning crew, trained to meet BubbleBeeCleaning’s standards, ensures a superior cleaning experience. For your peace of mind, they have liability insurance. Team size varies based on the job’s complexity, and background checks are conducted for your security.

Preparing for Cleaning Day

Please tidy your space before we arrive to facilitate efficient cleaning. If you need pre-cleaning organization, we offer this service for an additional fee.

Additional Services

We provide extra services listed on our booking form for an additional charge. Special preparations are needed for oven cleaning and inside cabinet cleaning add-ons.

Service Refusal

We may decline or discontinue services due to safety concerns, unrealistic expectations, extreme uncleanliness, inappropriate behavior, or lack of utilities, incurring a full cancellation fee not to exceed to amount of your scheduled cleaning.

Deep Clean Recommendation

For homes not professionally cleaned in the past month, we recommend a Deep Clean for optimal results. Standard cleans without a recent Deep Clean will be time-limited and therefore, not yield the best results.

Rescheduling and Cancellation

To change or cancel a cleaning appointment, please notify us 24 hours in advance. Late rescheduling or cancellation incurs a fee, as detailed on our booking form.


We’re pet-friendly but ask you to ensure the safety of our cleaners if your pet is uneasy around strangers. As some of our cleaning technician’s have allergies; we ask that you inform us so we can select the right team for your cleaning.

Pricing Adjustments

Recurring clean rates may change based on your cleaning needs. We’ll communicate any rate changes beforehand. If during your clean our team determines that extra time is needed, we will inform you an hour before the end of the allotted time so you can prioritize the remaining time or approve extra time.

Payment Methods

Credit card payments are processed post-cleaning. Alternative payment methods can be discussed with our management team.

Tipping Policy

Tipping is optional, but entirely given to the cleaners.


In line with our eco-friendly practices, receipts will be emailed to you.

Parking Arrangements

If free parking isn’t available nearby, you’re responsible for arranging and covering our cleaners’ parking costs.

Access to Premises

Please provide access instructions if you’re not going to be home during cleaning. We ensure the confidentiality of any keys or codes given to us.


Please refrain from hiring our employees for private services. By adhering to this policy, clients help in maintaining the integrity of our services, ensuring all parties are protected and services are rendered professionally and safely under the company’s oversight.

Lock Out Fee

A $50 fee applies if cleaners cannot access your premises within 15 minutes of arrival. You may reschedule or cancel, subject to respective fees.

Arrival Window

We’ll inform you of our cleaners’ arrival window. If they’re delayed, you’ll be notified of the new time.

Holiday Schedule

We don’t operate on statutory holidays. We’ll reschedule any affected appointments.


Please secure irreplaceable items during cleaning to avoid potential risks.

Inclement Weather Policy

Severe weather might lead to temporary service suspension, guided by local school district closures.


Report any damages within 24 hours. We’re not responsible for items not securely installed or positioned. We’ll inform you of any damage caused by our cleaners.

Cleaning Limitations

Our cleaners don’t clean high areas beyond an extension duster’s reach, lift heavy items, or move large appliances and furniture.


Our services don’t include cleaning hazardous materials, extensively labor and time intensive spaces, outdoor areas, or certain specific tasks like stain and paint removal.

Privacy Commitment

Your personal information remains confidential with us.

Thank you for choosing BubbleBeeCleaning.com We’re excited to service your needs with excellence!